Friday, February 27, 2009

Waltz With Bashir

Waltz with Bashir. by Ari Folman

Because it is forbidden, here in Lebanon, it is more sought-after and therefore one can find it almost everywhere...

I saw it the first time in Paris.

After watching it again, a few days ago, I wondered what got the Christian militias to commit this act. What pushed them to this horror. Why did they choose these victims in specific.
I googled.
From one info to another, from one site to another, I found myself reading on other horrible massacres.

Why haven’t I ever heard of these massacres? Why was it always about Sabra and Chatila?

What about the Karantina and Tel el Zaatar massacre (perpetrated on Palestinian camps too), and what about the Dammour massacre, Dahr al-Wahsh, and October the 13th?
In the name of which selective morality of the Arab press and European press did these other massacres-in which the Israelis had nothing to do- been ignored?

Even when Israelis are mere observer and not directly implicated in a massacre, they are highly judged. This is to confirm their moral superiority, and the high expectation from the public opinion.

But when arabs kill arabs, no one interferes. It is normal. And amnesia hits the press…
Lebanese kill Lebanese, Syrians kill Lebanese, Syrians kill Syrians, Hamas kills Fatah… This, is tolerated. No one asks questions about it. It is in history books.

But Sabra and Chatila is still commemorated in Lebanon.
Go figure.

During the Gaza offensive, at least 620 people were brutally massacred in Congo with axes, bats and machetes in less than three weeks between December and January. Most of them women and children.
Has anyone heard of this? Or the third world doesn’t count…
Africans kill Africans. The world’s attention was too busy judging and focusing on Israelis…